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Masks and Mobile Phones

Commerce Solutions for a Mobile World.

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We build the Shopify for brick-and-mortar retail

  • The ground is being set for a massive clash of Super-app platforms vying to dominate consumers’ online life.

  • Super-apps are the Swiss Army Knives of consumer tech.

  • Super-apps and their marketplaces will dominate by controlling 80% of digital-commerce and will continue to drive volume and value both online and in the retail space.

  • The prize is massive: Any company that can become a go-to combined platform for online activities like search, commerce, and payments will gain a wide moat and act as a gateway to the digital economy — with an abundance of monetization opportunities.

Business Meeting

We turn any large digital user base into a localized marketplace.

Flood. delivers a fully engaged discovery- and commercial platform for any large audience owner (Telco, Challenger bank, Radio station, etc).

  • It‘s a known fact that brick-and-mortar retailers have a near-impossible task to digitally engage or generate demand in an online and mobile world.

  • We solve that problem.

  • Flood makes it easier for SME retailers to engage with clients in their immediate geographic area.

  • Our platform uses real clever solutions to ensure continued engagement across the eco-system by integrating mobile wallets, touch-less payments, instant rewards, big data, e-commerce, and a range of other relevant tools to make the experience seamless and real-time engagement measurable.

Own and become the digital destination of choice for your customers

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