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flood. is the De-facto Tech Platform for every Marketplace Business Model

  • Mobile and banking self-care 

  • Mobile money and payment-wallet

  • Full digital commerce (online, and bricks-and-mortar retail)

  • Loyalty Programs

  • International affiliations (Alibaba, Amazon, Shein, eBay, etc.)

  • Promotions and personalized offers

  • Gamification

Services / On Demand Aggregator
YLG, MindBody

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unnamed (7).png

1hr Delivery

Swiggy, Wolt

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unnamed (9).png

Products Aggregator

Myntra, Zalando

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unnamed (11).png

Telco / Super Apps

M-Pesa, Grab

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Our Omni Channel Platform Delivers:
- Full Digital Commerce;
- Loyalty;
- Bookings;
- Mobile Payments and more ...

Step - 1
Step - 2
Step - 3
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Merchant Engine: 

  • Onboard, 

  • Catalogue management,

- Promote, sell and deliver products. 

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Consumer Engagement:

- Search and discovery,

- Omni-Channel shopping, 

- Range of payment options.

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unnamed (17).png

Fulfilment, Optimisation and Big data:

- Insights,

- Optimised customer engagement.

Singapore - Cape Town - Bangalore

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