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Digital Engagement - Starts with Self-Service

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Self-Service drives:

  • Balance check,

  • Recharge that creates initial consumer engagement

  • It’s initially only about balance status and the occasional selling of  voice and data packs

  • Great time to introduce a Mobile money offering

We are very aware that most telco’s, banks etc. already have their own Self-service app. Our solutions are modular and can be added to current apps or chosen as and when needed. This either by means of API or even SDK or a WEB-app. For those that need the better version geared toward long term commercialization, we offer the whole package.

Flood Self-Service innovations: 

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Build your own Plan:

  • Combine Voice, 

  • Data, 

  • SMS, 

  • select either the total price or a personal need and calibrate accordingly.

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Pay your Bills: 

  • Utilities

  • Subscription

  • Even Insurance premium

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Fully Integrated Loyalty Program (cross merchant)

  • Home screen displays the loyalty points available 

  • Detailed view of the loyalty points, with options to redeem/earn the points 

  • List of all the offers available to browse through and redeem loyalty points

Singapore - Cape Town - Bangalore

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