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Startup Development Team


flood.:  Highly Adaptable Architecture, Feature Comprehensiveness, and Ownership of the Entire Code

High level dashboards for KPI management

Front End (What a customer sees)

SuperApp localized marketplace: Discovery of the world around them / Wallet / Ordering 

Merchants: An App-manager for orders / payments / status checks

Enterprise Dasboard : Commissions, vendors, big data, dedicated functions (Telcos / Banks) 

Back End

(The Platform)

Dashboards : Merchant, Enterprise, Flood, Agents — from Catalogue management to commission status

All calculations, commissions, deductions, checkout, pay-outs, refunds

Architecture for the entire backend activity including ID management / search / security / promotion engine


3rd party integrations for pay-outs / payments / tracking for sales (marketing yield) and lead generation / vouchers, Xero, etc. 

Operations and Maintenance

Infrastructure management (multi-tenancy system), capacity management, system alerts and monitoring, fault tolerance, performance management, merge backs

Some of our Out-of-the-Box features that have been

tested, deployed and are working in the market

High level dashboards for KPI management

Subscriber Acquisition & Engagement

✔︎   Responsive Web, iOS, Android, AndroidGo

✔︎   Self Registration and Auto KYC

✔︎   Shopping List

✔︎   Wallet Support

✔︎ Profile Management

✔︎ Loyalty Program


✔︎ Rating and Reviews

✔︎ Recommendations & Referrals

✔︎ Advance Search & filters

✔︎ Multiple Payment Methods

✔︎  360° engagement – Social Media / Blogs / Discussion  groups /Messaging / Push Notifications / Chat Bot / Call centre

Merchant Acquisition & Engagement

✔︎ Self On-boarding

✔︎ Federated Identity Management registration


✔︎ Create your own Loyalty & reward program

✔︎ PoS – Loyalty & rewards integration

✔︎ Support for formal/semiformal/informal merchants

✔︎ Catalogue and offline store builder

✔︎ Self managed Deal Content

✔︎ Location based advertisements & deals

✔︎ Merchant Promotions

✔︎ Guided sales journeys

✔︎ Multiple payment integrations

✔︎ Escrow support

✔︎ Supplier / Product rating and Engine

Fulfilment and


✔︎ Complex product handling – product and Service bundling

✔︎ Inventory and warehouse management – Back order / out of  stock / partial orders / request in stock

✔︎ Ring fencing of special promotions

✔︎ Integration with 3rd party channels

✔︎ Multi logistic fulfilment


✔︎ Pickup and delivery

✔︎ Online and Cash payments, In-Store payments

✔︎ Post sale order support


✔︎ Telcos

✔︎ Build your own package, recharge, balance check, bill  payments

✔︎ E-shop to sell devices, accessories, broadband

✔︎ SIM card sales with number selection and integration

Singapore - Cape Town - Bangalore

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