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About Us

  1. Super-apps and their marketplaces will dominate by controlling 80% of digital-commerce and will continue to drive volume and value both online and in the retail space.

  2. The prize is massive: Any company that can become a go-to combined platform for online activities like search, commerce, and payments will gain a wide moat and act as a gateway to the digital economy — with an abundance of monetization opportunities.

  3. To address these opportunities, the Flood platform consists of 4 pillars of delivery: 

    • Presto tech: Our bespoke full-service tech platform and dev team with multiple years of delivery and experience in the e-commerce and digital platform economy.

    • The Flood marketplace: A mobile-specific white-label commerce platform that effectively builds Shopify for brick-and-mortar retail and addresses both the online (e-commerce) and offline (retail) commerce and shopping markets.

      • We solve the near-impossible task bricks-and-mortar retailers have of connecting or engaging geographically with their customers in a digital world.

    • Merchant onboarding: We offer an easy painless way for stores and service providers to onboard and get full access to the large audiences our Telco and Banking partners offer.

    • Go-To-Market: We are active in a range of markets and deliver across multiple emerging market ecosystems.

  4. Our technology platform is Zero Code, SaaS, Multi-Tenancy, and Multi-instance that powers all examples of marketplace models end-to-end (Products, Services, Payments, Fintech, On Demand, In-store, Limitless Aisles, Drop Ship, Delivery/Store Pickup, among others).

  5. We offer a fully spec’d digital platform that drives Omni-channel commerce for; Telco’s, Banks, Challenger Banks, Enterprises, Scale-ups, and SMEs both in the online and retail economies.

  6. Our whole platform is API driven with a decoupled front and back-end and our solution is as modular and personalised as each client might need.

  7. We are led by a team of professionals and serial entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise in Digital Commerce, Enterprise development, Technology, Operations and Product Development from companies like Naspers, Nokia, Myntra, ZopNow, Data Weave, IBM and Akamai, among others.

  8. Our platform is battle-hardened and has seen in excess of $400 million of GMV in 14 million transactions across 6 countries.


The flood. platform business covers all aspects of web and mobile offerings from:

  • simple product-selling SME’s (online and retail) and service providers, all the way through to; 

  • complex marketplace-based enterprises

  • by means of a comprehensive and versatile feature set driven by a team with many years of specific domain expertise.


Our full marketplace features cover:

  • discovery, 

  • browsing and buying,

  • localised commerce,

  • Online and in-store (retail) conversion,

  • merchant onboarding for both goods and services (gig workers),

  • book-in-store, pay-and-collect, delivery,

  • sophisticated promotions, 

  • loyalty and wallets,

  • checkouts and management dashboards,

  • analytics on business and consumer behavior

  • and more...

The platform is as modern as any of the larger marketplaces across the globe. 

Singapore - Cape Town - Bangalore

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